Huawei Future Car HMI - UI/UX

Huawei Future Concept UX/UI In-Car Experience


1. Conceptualise and explore a complete in-car digital experience for future automonous vehicles.
2. Create detailed user journeys based on future lifestyle scenarios for customers.
3. Bring to life and present a series of UX/UI moments that support important features of each scenario.

What we did

Working with a team of UX designers, UI designers, Art directors, 3D visualisers and motion graphics specialists, we created a series of animated UX/UI moments that suppported UX journeys presented to Huawei. 

Initially we explored to key design directions - Spatial and Spirited, each based on different graphical rules and stylistic treatments, before eventually narrowing down the results to one chosen route.

Brand exploration
In-car light and dark modes
Navigation systems
Comfort features
Safety features
Automonous driving levels

Software used: Adobe CC, Figma, After Effects, C4D
Project length: 9 months

The following videos illustrate visually some of of UX/UI moments we designed:

Huawei - Welcome Moment 1

Huawei - Autonomy Moment 2

Huawei - Navigation Autopark Moment 3

Huawei - HUD Moment 4

Spirited/Spacial early exploration