My 3 Weeks - Concept

Our Vision

  • To catch heart attack survivors after the event, and give them back control.
  • To drive recovery forward and avoid a second attack.
  • To improve the survival rate of heart attack sufferers.
  • To improve adherence to medication, reduce time to recovery and sustain positive behaviours.

What we did

Stakeholder interviews
Patient/Survivor interviews 
Doctors, Nurses, GPs interviews 
Competitor research

What we learnt

“These people need help and support… they might not appear  lonely, with their family and friends around them, but on the  inside they are alone with their questions, fears and thoughts.”

“Heart attack survivors need the most support in the first few weeks.”

“Most repeat heart attacks are in the first 15 days.”


Renamed to ‘Day by Day’ and launched nearly two years later - a message based service that  provides emotional support, reassurance and  practical advice once a heart attack patient has been  released from hospital.

The service responds to patient behaviour and tailors  the service based on the user’s emotional state.

Client - AstraZeneca UK
Agency - LBi