Threads Styling - Creative Director


Joined as Creative Director (contract) and help evolve the content team, develop creative process and increase quality of output, plus launch new channels in Asia (WeChat, Weibo, LRB).

What we did

We grew the content team to 7+ people.
Raised the quality of output (creative/design/art direction and video).
Introducing new processes working closely with senior management team.
Facilitating content strategy day workshop.


Rapidly evolved team process over a period of six months.
Introducing IGTV content, sound and narrative.
Threads continues to grow in numbers, increase sales and brands partnerships.

Key info

Instagram following - 220k to 320k+ (engaged customers)

Successfully won $20 million investment in October 2018

Launched in Asia Markets in October 2018 (WeChat, Little Red Book, Weibo)

Launched New York office in late 2018

Company grew from approx. 80 to 120+ in 6 months