Toyota AMP - UX/UI/Motion

Toyota AMP - Autonomous Mapping Project UX/UI


1. Conceptualise and explore an online platform that utilises mapping data captured from Toyota Lidar technology around the city, and let’s users navigate the data in 3D space as well as ultimately using important live data within their products.
2. Create and define a visual system.
3. Explore future user stories and scenarios.
4. Create an animated video that visually comunicates the experience.

What we did

Working with a team of UX/UI designers, design directors, 3D visualisers and motion graphics specialists, we explored and defined a design system for this future online platform. Defining the UX, and bringing to life with UI styling and animated video.

Brand exploration
User journeys, wireframes
Platform UI system
Sizzle real

Software used: Adobe CC, Figma, After Effects, C4D
Project length: 9 months

Toyota AMP - Experience Reel