nKoda Prototype


nKoda is trying to give people access to high quality sheet music.  

Their founder asked for an elegant presentation that demonstrates the functionality and technology they have built in the least arrogant or aggressive way possible, as well as a UX design that we can take into the future for prototyping and building and MVP.

What we did

Discovery phase stakeholder workshops 

Customer UX exploration through personas - needs/goal/painpoints (as well as demographic, behaviours and personality).
Mapping high level navigation and task mapping
High level interface patterns and interactions.

Detailed sketches and wireframes.
Initial brand identity work
UI design
Motion video piece that would be the final presentation.


nKoda launched successfully recently on the App store.  Our prototype video was well received and helped gain interest during the early phases.
Key info

The app is now launched and live in the App store. 
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