Rude Awakening - Short Film


Ben's close friend Craig was thrown overboard in a fight on a recent boat party. Ben feared Craig was having an affair with his girlfriend, and in recent months had lost her trust and respect.

It was unclear who was in the fight with Craig and no arrests were made. But Ben feels the guilt of not being to save Craig and responsible for his death. He can’t move on from the event. He’s lost.

Ben’s recurring dream is haunting him, where he sees himself being thrown overboard and washed ashore. Dazed from excess he's trying to piece together what happened and what's triggering his feelings of guilt.

This is a metaphorical story of his transcendence from dream into reality through the lens of the imagination.

Collaboration details:

Shot on black magic pocket 4k.

Concept, direction, 3D/

Alex Clark

Camera & DOP/

Martin Clark


Ben Tiramani

Script assist/

Samuel Hooper