Studio A | Design Direction & UX Design

I’ve had the privelage of working with many clients from leading creative agencies to innovative tech ups in various sectors. Below are some recent client testimonials.

“Alex has provided critical design direction as we've expanded into new product lines. He understood our long-term vision and knew how to translate that into impactful design concepts. His work gave us a competitive edge.”

Sophie Hill, CEO, Threads Styling

“Alex helped us completely transform the visual identity and UX strategy at Ambie, as well as creating a number of compelling videos to really bring the brand to life. He was great to work with and I would highly recommend.”

Gideon Chain, CEO,

“Alex brings a clear structured creative vision to a project. Design direction and UI/UX delivery is excellent and rooted in a 360 degree view of the business and product. UX Interact is a trusted reference point for all our design needs.”

Rob Dunbar, Co-founder

"Alex worked with us at the start of our journey building up Ally Health and his UX work was instrumental in shaping the foundations of our platform as it currently lives today. Alex was very thorough in developing an in-depth understanding of our product proposition, ultimately mapping precisely the various stakeholder journeys and their specificities across the platform. The design elements developed by Alex were easily translated to our tech team and our front-end developers were able to implement the flow and design very easily. The latter continue to form the foundation of our UX and design thinking today."

Kelly Klifa, CEO, Ally Health

“Alex is not only able to create the designs that look great, but also to create a highly tailored UX approach for users to interact with the information.”

Evgeny Poberezkin, Founder, SimpleX Chat

"We commissioned UX-Interact to support CTO Craft with branding and positioning in our founding days - that branding has stood the test of time. Would wholeheartedly recommend!”

Andy Skipper, Founder, CTO Craft